Brittany Mc Crady

I’ve been a hair artist now for nearly 17 years. I knew I wanted to make other women feel beautiful and create transformations from a very young age when I’d roll my mom’s hair in rag rollers, and beg for the my-size barbies just so that I could cut or braid their hair!

I specialize in blondes, from balayage to blonding, and I’m experienced and educated in all of the latest trends and styles. I love to educate my clients on every step we take on their hair, and all the ways they should take care of it after their service so they can have longevity of their style until their next appointment with me!

I’m married to the most kind gentleman you’ll ever meet, and I’m mom to seven kids. (Yes, seven…)

My hobbies are singing and songwriting, doing yoga not as often as I should, and drinking entirely too much coffee

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