Maca Ramos

I’ve been a hair stylist for 15 years. I absolutely love the feeling I get watching women have the confidence boost that a new look/cut/color can give. I mostly enjoy doing women’s cut/color but also take care of kiddos as well.

My hope is that every person that sits in my chair feels better on the inside just as much as the outside when they leave my presence. I live to encourage and try to bring positivity every where I go.

I am passionate about health & nutrition as I am also a Certified Health Coach where I help take the guesswork out of living a quality life of wellness. In that area, I specialize in Families & Pregnancy nutrition. My hobbies would consists of food, growing food and doing yoga.

We are open

Face mask must be worn.

No one can accompany you to your appointment.

When you arrive wait in your car and call/text your stylist. We will come get you. 

Hand sanitizer must be used when entering.