Maygin Rye

Hey guys!  My name is Maygin Rye!  I’ve been doing hair for about 9 years and color is my jam!  I have spent a lot of time focused on color correction and blondes, however I am not limited to that. 

The real deal that makes my heart pitter patter through the hard days behind the chair(because let’s face it they come) is seeing and calling out the unseen in YOU when we sit and connect.   As an artist and your hair being my canvas it’s my truest passion to amplify what is already radiant in you. The best part is that’s different for every single one of you!

I’m new to Texas,  born and raised in sunny Southern California,  that is where I have raised my two  boys,  Cayden 17 and Reiss 7.  We enjoy the beach, movies, hiking, cooking and music.   I love painting… walls, canvas,furniture anything.. I want to learn to use water colors this year! I love to sing, even though it’s not exactly my talent, and busting out for an impromptu dance party makes me so happy!

Now you  may be wondering why or how I ended up here In Waxahachie, Texas…. that’s a long and rad story I will happily share another time but for now just know I was brought here for each one of you and I can’t wait to meet you!!!

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When you arrive wait in your car and call/text your stylist. We will come get you. 

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